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You can’t hold a candle to this denture ‘cup’.

Cool, huh? Though they are working on one that actually works as a candle, too.


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Fun with Wax

Fun with wax:

Gold Service Wax up (click to see full view)

a little more subtle with the colorization (anteriors only)

The MBA technique for wax colorization.

Part one Melt and Blow:

Melt and Blow

Part two Add the colored wax:

Add colored wax

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Gingival Masks



I’ve been wanting to do some gingival masks. We finally got a patient who insisted on one. We made her two, One Valplast and One LuciSof. Here are the pics:
The patient:
Valplast on the left:
Valplast inserted. Patient liked the snap that it had.

LuciSof inserted. Patient liked the look (didn’t like the veins in the Valplast) but it didn’t lock in as well.
That may have been because the interproximal spaces weren’t as clean on the left side of the model as was the right side.
The model and tray:

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