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Back at work…in the lab…and on this website

Well, I’m back from the CODA visit of Portland Community College’s Dental Laboratory Technology  program . What a great trip! My ADA confidentiality agreement pretty much excludes any discussion about it so I guess I’ll go back to finishing up this website…after I catch up on my lab work.

I’m working on a staff and bio page…it’s hard to get a good picture of the aesthetically challenged!!!

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NADL’s CDT for ADA’s CODA headed to PCC

Wow! That’s a mess of acronyms.  All that just to say that on February 10 – 12  I, Tim Lane, CDT,  will be heading to Portland, OR as the National Association of Dental Laboratories representative on the American Dental Association’s Commission On Dental Accreditation’s site visit team that will assess Portland Community College’s adherence to the  ADA’s Accreditation Standards for Dental Laboratory Technology Education Programs.   Okay that was a mouthful, too…think I’ll stick with the acronyms.

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Welcome to our new site….still a work in progress.

We are a Certified Dental Laboratory

Check out what we have so far. Your input is welcomed and appreciated.

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