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‘Check Engine’ Light

I’ve talk to a enough docs who hate lingual plates that I thought I’d post this. They don’t like them because of the space that ‘eventually’ develops between the plate and the teeth. This is not a bad thing. This is the partial’s “Check Engine” Light. The teeth are not drifting away from the plate. The plate is rotating on its fulcrum as the saddle areas lose tissue support. This is an early warning sign that a reline is needed.

I got this repair in today:

I relieved the stone to allow the plate to seat properly. I wouldn’t be surprised (as the saddle area does not appear to have ever been relined) if this torquing isn’t the reason why #21 had to be added by someone else and why the clasp on # 27 which I reluctantly replaced (given that the mesial rest isn’t properly seated) broke.

Unfortunately someone made a denture to this ‘settled’ partial. Note: I reduce #27 on the model to be able to pull the partial forward to properly ‘seat’ the rest and lingual plate.

And now we have a denture with a reverse Curve of Spee.

Although the patient needs a new lower I would advise against making it to this denture.

Knowing how patients love to do things one step at a time all I can do I shake my head at this circle of dental futility.

There are those whose solution to that pesky ‘Check Engine’ light is to unplug the light.

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New Product Launch




Happy April Fool’s Day

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NADL Launches New Social Media Platforms to Address Public Awareness

The National Association of Dental Laboratories is pleased to announce the launch of two new social media outlets that will serve as the foundation of NADL’s ongoing public awareness campaign to address core policy objectives that promote “transparency in dentistry” and the role and value of a competently trained dental technician.

“During the last year and half, NADL facilitated a series of focus group meetings and conducted national surveys with the dental laboratory industry to gather ideas and input for the messaging of this campaign. The core of this objective has now come to fruition. The hard work comes now to ensure that the message is heard” says Henry Martin, CDT, NADL President.

The new social media outlets are:



The information gathered on these sites provides comprehensive information for the dental consumer, dentists and the dental laboratory community. The campaign to promote these sites to consumer organizations and dental organizations and the dental community will take place starting in August 2013. The goal is to encourage interested parties to include these web references on their own social media platforms so that a broader population of individuals can be reached.

“We are excited about the formal launch of these two major components of NADL’s comprehensive public awareness campaign, advocating for the role of the dental technician is paramount to NADL’s mission as an organization” says Gary Iocco, NADL President Elect and Leon Hermanides, CDT, NADL Board Member, who serve as Co-Chairs of the Public Awareness Committee.

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Don’t worry – Be Merry!

Merry Christmas!

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Cool manufactured bar for implants

Here’s a link to the website: SFI-Bar

Thanks to “actittle” over on for sharing.

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You can’t hold a candle to this denture ‘cup’.

Cool, huh? Though they are working on one that actually works as a candle, too.


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Characterized Gingivae











This was a fun case to do though I wish the effect around 10 and 11 were replicated more on the other anteriors.

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dental dummy

Robots are filling in… Click here

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‘Hallowed’ Bulb Obturator

Made this all soft ‘hallowed’ bulb obturator using CMP’s :Impak












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Woman Wakes Up From Oral Surgery With Transylvanian Accent

Published May 05, 2011



An Oregon woman who underwent anesthesia for oral surgery a year and a half ago woke up to find she looked the same, but sounded very different – she had developed foreign accent syndrome, reported.

Karen Butler, who lives in Butler, Ore., told The Oregonian she “sounded like (she) was from Transylvania,” and it softened a little over time – but she still has not recovered her original Northwestern tone.

Doctors diagnosed Butler with foreign accent syndrome, a neurological condition that has only been documented 60 times in the last 100 years.

“What happens with foreign accent syndrome to the best of our understanding is that a very, very small part of the speech area is affected so that the normal intonation of speech gets altered,” said Dr. Ted Lowenkopf, medical director of the Providence Stroke Center.

Butler said she does not hear the accent unless she watches herself on video.

Foreign accent syndrome is usually caused by strokes, but it can also be associated with migraines, head injuries and multiple sclerosis.

Click here to read more on this story from

Click here to see a video of Butler.


Read more:


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